Lead Product Designer

After working with brands like Cigna, ADWeek, the Clio Awards, PONY Sneakers, and Shinra Games I’ve discovered that the best way to find solutions to complex problems is through communication. For 10+ years, I’ve worked as a UX designer and problem-solver. In that time I’ve learned that asking the right people the right questions and gathering key insights is what drives innovative solutions. I’m passionate about the decision-making process, and finding the key attributes that pave the way forward. I believe in working with my clients and company stakeholders to help them make design-decisions based on insights, constraints and user research.

Teaching Design

When I’m not working, I spend my free time teaching design courses at a digital skills company called Brainstation. Ask me about any upcoming courses in Design Thinking, UX Design and UI Design if you’re interested in joining. Read more about how teaching shaped my career as a designer by clicking below

More About Me

I got my start designing flyers for underground rock shows in Brooklyn and love designing anything music related. Early in my career I worked as a graphic designer so I try to combine my love for music and design any chance I get. You might find me working on gig posters, album art, video content, branding, apparel or just working on illustrations in my spare time.

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Sometimes things get away from you

Did you miss some insight along the way? Did you talk to the right people? Maybe there is a tech limitation you didn’t know about. I’m passionate about using the design thinking process to solve design challenges. It all starts with Empathy, seeing the world through the eyes of your users and stakeholders so that you can discover the needs, pain points, and goals of the project together.

Click below to read about my experience studying design thinking at IDEO