Every year advertising companies and creative professionals across the globe will send entries to Clio in an attempt to win a Clio Award. The entries could belong to multiple mediums and categories and contain multiple different files. Entries could be video files, image files, pdfs, links to urls, as well as physical entries. On top of that, these entires could be grouped together to form campaigns.

The Problem

The system was being run by a 3rd party api whose interface didn’t fully support the growing number of taxonomies and nuances that Clios needed as a business. It also was a very dated looking UI.

The value for the User is: The more possibilities for a user to enter; the more chances the user has to win an award.

The Value for the company is: The more entries a user makes the more revenue the company generates

User Flows and Sitemap

We spent a lot of time figuring out how we wanted to get users from the main Clios.com site on to the entries management system. Things we needed to consider were: how existing users were familiar to signing in and how not to disrupt that, but also how to ensure new users were able to discover the sign in, and lastly, how users can sign in to specific award programs.

User Testing

Once we had all of our ideas down we began to conduct some user testing sessions where we observed a group of users navigating through the system. The users were encouraged to think out loud while we recorded their progress. The results were then analyzed and used to make the needed improvements.

The Solution

Create an entries management system in-house that can handle the volume of data that is going to be uploaded, as well as the nuanced business rules dictated by the Clios team. All the while improving the system that was previously in place.