Mediabistro’s courses accounted for half of the companies revenue, thats why when our users reached out and told us that the system was confusing and difficult to navigate we decided to create a solution and re-invent the Courses Section of the site to become Mediabistro Classroom.

The Problem

The main problem was that there was no way to store your current classes, so users often lost track of their progress and would eventually abandon the class. Having to sign in and navigate through index pages of classes was a cumbersome task Not only were users getting annoyed, they were leaving. Once we noticed our membership numbers on the decline we needed to step in with a UX solution.

My Courses Page

The first and foremost requirement we gathered from our users and also the project stakeholder was to include a place where users could store their courses. Allowing the users to compile their own course collections allowed us to create courses that were in series form rather than just one course at a time. By doing this we were able to increase the amount to sales made on courses.

Buy Now

One of the main features included in this redesign was this “Buy Now” element. We made this element sticky so that the user can scroll the content of the page and still be able to make a purchase. Previously the user would need to scroll through the entire course description to finally purchase. Now the user can make the purchase as soon as they land on that page. We also made use of this area by including a way to share or email this course to a friend.


It was no secret that the page was in serious need of a search feature after discovering that 30% of our user feedback was related to difficulty finding specific courses. Now when you land on the page you are greeted by this super clean search, right at the top of the page and just below that we included the filtering and sorting.

The Solution

We designed the MediaBistro Classroom experience. One place where you can search for classes, view your progress, download assets and most importantly focus on learning and engaging with the content.

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