A component of a larger judging platform for The Clio Awards (Clios.com), the media player is used to bridge the gap between the operational team and the judges. The media player gives the operator the ability to display images, videos, audio files and pdfs from our database as well as Urls to create a seemless presentation for our judges.

The Problem

The original process for displaying media was to gather all the files prior to the judging event, downloading them on to a laptop. The operator then created a library of media that they would open on their laptop and drag on to the larger screen that they were connected to via HDMI cable. This was problematic for a few reasons.

1: This created a very clumsy lackluster experience for the judges, and was not an ideal way to present artistic work.

2: the operator didn’t have much control over things like zoom, volume, pause ect.

3: When the scores came in there was no “big reveal” moment which in turn lowered the production value of the judging process as a whole

The Solution

The Judging media player, a split screen system that is used as an index for the media in the database as well as a mirror of what is being displayed on the large screen.


We spent a large part of our efforts during the process creating wireframes and prototypes in sketch and invision that we would test with the operations team.

Iteration on Top of Beta

Our Beta Solution was to create a system that the operator would use the day before judging to set up almost a keynote presentation style Session that they could save and recall the day of judging and all they would then do is cycle through pre-selected MediaBistro Holdings.

Our Findings

What we discovered when testing our beta wireframes:


These didn’t work for 2 main reasons

1: It was too big of a lift for the engineering team to allow us the ability to save multiple instances of a “Judging Session” in order to provide them the flexibility they needed.

2: It was too difficult to predict which media the judges may want to see during the judging sessions.


The Result

The Judging Media Player, In our backend system the operator can navigate to the Judging Overview screen where they can browse through an index of Juries and open the media player for the selected Jury.