Mediabistro had a huge database of users who were looking for work as well as a large part of the business that was seeking freelance employees. There was room for another revenue stream here where we could link our Job Board Clients with our Freelance users

The Task

To Build a system which allowed the users to create profiles and portfolios easily in order to market themselves to potential employers. We also wanted to Allow the employers to search and contact potential freelancers. And lastly we needed a way to make our existing userbase and any new visitors aware that we offer this service.

Sitemap and Wireframe

Once our goals were determined we worked with our 3rd party platform to make sure what we wanted was possible. This helped shape how we built the sitemap and wireframes.

User Personas

We worked with business in order to develop a product that would meet the needs of the current freelance users by creating user personas based on real people from the site

Used a program called aha to create user personas.

The Result

The Freelance Marketplace, A subscription based product where users could sign up to contact freelancers, and those freelancers could set up business relationships. Freelancers are able to create profiles where they could add previous work experience as well as samples of their work. Freelance work samples could include img, video, audio, and pdfs.

User Profiles

We wanted to be able to use the existing data that users have uploaded for their job seeker accounts and provide them the ability to easily port their info over to the Freelancer Accounts.

The Menu

We wanted to create an easy process for the users to update their information. We broke the information up into easily savable sections. If a user only wanted to save their work history they could just update that without having to worry about any other information.


Along with being able to update their work history and portfolio samples users can also update their payment settings right from the account screens.


Freelancers have the ability to set their privacy setting incase the do not want to be contacted, otherwise any user who is subscribed to the system can contact a freelancer.