Project Details

MY ROLE:  Product Designer
PRODUCT TEAM: (1) Product Manager, (2) Dev Team, (1) Subject Matter Expert

About is a new media company, we just pretty much wrapped up designing the editorial site and had about 2 months until open enrollment started for Medicare. Since the companies target audience is in the 50+ crowd, it was crucial for us to be in the medicare conversation. We made some difficult decisions when it came to how we can get this out quickly and worked very hard on releasing this fun Medicare Quiz.

The Problem

The actual problem that we were facing during this project was an aggressive deadline so we kept our product meetings very short and to the point. The concept was designed mostly in a paper prototype and then straight to visual design. By trading the wireframe process for a much quicker paper prototype we were able to shave off valuable hours of design and iteration. But our first step was to use google sheets to quickly prototype and iterate on what the experience was like and what content we needed.

Google Slids

We used google slides to refine the questions. The google slides worked so well for requirements gathering that we decided to shop them around the office to get a quick QA session. It was very valuable for iterating on our original concepts

Paper Prototype

Along side our google sheet we used sketching and paper prototyping to help make quick decisions in product meetings. Often we would concept on paper then quickly get it up on our google slide then make the necessary changes in our Sketch file.

Animated Meter

After putting it all together we added these super delightful animations to really bring the product to life. These were also used in the accompanying marketing efforts.

The Result

We designed a super fun quiz that helps the user decide between medicare supplement and medicare advantage. The whole experience is super bright and clean and has these little meter graphics that provide tons of delight. Not only does this quiz look great, it’s fun to use and serves as our first medicare related product on the site, which opens the companies major revenue stream.   

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